Friday, February 07, 2003

Using the MSCONFIG Utility

Procedure for using MSCONFIG to remove Windows programs loaded at startup -- by Ted Beerman

Using MSCONFIG Utility.

This utility is available with Windows 98 and ME (Millenium Edition). It can be used to speed up the performance of the PC as well as diagnosed problem programs. [Note from Bryan Powell 2/10/04: this should work for Windows 2000 and XP also].

Check system free resources
Right click My Computer and then Properties
Click on the tab "performance."
Note that resources should be 80% or higher
This can be improved by reducing items in the startup

Start - Run
Type msconfig [enter key]
click on startup tab
uncheck unnecessay items
click "apply" then close and reboot

After reboot, check system free resources again.

Note: It is not necessary for ANY items to be in the startup; however, some are advisable. Following are examples.

Any item pertaining to Anti Virus software and Firewall
Palm Pilot syncronization
Special printer initialization programs

Definite omissions:
Easy CD Creator and Direct CD (program loads automatically when a blank cd is inserted)
Anything named "reminder" (program to remind you to register software)

Items can be re-activated anytime by re-placing a check mark next to the item and rebooting.

1/7/03: Also, Patrick Douglas Crispen’s Internet Tourbus has information on MSCONFIG. Patrick also recommends Paul "Pacman" Collins' Start-Up Applications page, which has a massive list of W98 start-up files and what they do.