Tuesday, December 19, 2006

URLs from 12/19/06

iPod won't turn on

How to edit, backup, and restore the Registry

Restore an iPod to factory settings - will wipe out all contents of iPod

System Restore not working
--Microsoft article
--Techguy.org forum

Nintendo Wii Controller Damage

McAfee spam filter causes problems with email (2 callers with identical problem)
--During the show the guys found references to message boards that recommended turning off the McAfee spam filter and filter through your email program.
--Listener Steven of Dublin, IN writes: "I have used anti-spam tools (other than McAfee) and may have seen the behavior your callers reported. Some of these tools pickup the mail from the server, remove spam and then behave as a POP server where my mail client can pickup the filtered mail. In the cases I have seen, the instructions on using the tool said to enter the mail server in the tool and configure my mail program to retrieve mail from" We have not independently verified this advice.
*UPDATE* from Steven 1/3/07: Check the following: