Tuesday, March 28, 2006

URLs from 3/28/06

RDRAM for a Dell laptop:
--You will probably have to update the BIOS on your dell before the memory will work.
Places to get RDRAM:

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

URLs from 3/21/06

Music Match Jukebox
Problem with cdl.dll and Musicmatch Jukebox 7

Backup Registry

Possible Replacement for Cardfile

Macintosh G5 out of Sync error
Try the following things to fix the problem
1. Turn off computer
2. Press the power button.
3. Immediately hold down the following key combination:
Command-Option-P-R (reset parameter memory--PRAM)
4. Keep holding down the keys until the computer restarts at-least 4 times

First try booting in safe mode and setting the video settings
How you Start Up in Safe Mode:

1. Turn off Computer
2. Press the power button.
3. Just after you hear the startup tone (NOT BEFORE), press and hold the down the shift key.
4. Release the shift key when you see the start up screen with the gray background with the Apple logo and the progress indicator.
5. During the startup, you will see "Safe Boot" on the Mac OS X startup screen.
6. Now try to change the video settings

If that does not work try resetting the Open Firmware
1. Turn off the computer
2. Hold down command-option-o-f while pressing the power button
3. Keep holding the keys down until you see a text screen
4. type the following:
Press Return
Press Return. The computer will reboot after this command

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

URLs from 3/14/06

Pictures from Guy Moore's Habitat for Humanity trip to New Orleans

Habitat web site where you can volunteer

A security breach at CitiBank has compromised PIN numbers for debit card users. It has been called "The worst hack ever".

Sources for Mac memory modules:
Last Friday McAfee realeased an update to its anti-virus software which had the effect of disabling or removing Microsoft Excel. The problem has since been fixed. Here is more information from Miami University's IT department:
  • On Friday, March 10, McAfee released definition file 4715 for VirusScan (versions 8.0i and 7). This definition file incorrectly identified the W95/CTX virus in valid files, including .exe files. On the same day, McAfee released definition file 4716 to correct the error.

    McAfee has published a complete list of files that are incorrectly identified by definition file 4715 on the following web page.

    This page also lists the most common files incorrectly identified, which include
    • Microsoft Excel (excel.exe)
    • Google Toolbar Installer (gbt2k1033.exe)
    • Windows XP File (userid.exe)
    • Adobe update manager (adobeupdatemanager.exe)

    If VirusScan is configured to quarantine infected files, you can restore files from the quarantine folder. If VirusScan is configured to delete infected files, you can use the Windows XP System Restore or restore the files from backup. You of course can also reinstall any application that may have been impacted.

    IT Services is still recommending that VirusScan be configured to delete infected files. Quarantining allows an infected file to be stored on the computer hard drive. To delete a quarantined file, you must first disable On-Access scan - disabling VirusScan has never been a good idea, especially when you are working with infected files.

    If you are using ePO to manage VirusScan on your Windows machines, you may want to run the DAT/Definition Deployment Summary. This report lists machines based on definition file. Currently there are 84 managed computers with the 4715 definition file.
Here is more: How to fix quarantine files in virusscan

McAfee Excel.exe, Graph.exe and AdobeUpdateManager.exe

Apple comments or recent Macintosh security concerns

Beginners guide to copying Windows XP to a new hard drive

Refreshing Windows XP Ip address

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

URLs from 3/7/06

"Double click starts a search" fix in Windows XP

Error 1606 fix -- but exercise CAUTION when working in the registry!

Removing Norton when Add-Remove does not work

Norton removal tool
--Look further down the page for:
To download and run Rnav2003.exe
Open the link and download and run it to remove all the Norton pieces on
your computer