Tuesday, April 17, 2007

URLs from 4/17/07

Rebuilding an XP system without destroying existing data
--a Microsoft article on the same topic

Mouse Jiggler

Mac OS X Leopard Delayed until October

First apple Store in Alabama - Big Attendance of grand opening

Wireless PCMCIA card for Windows 95 computer
--The caller wanted to know about Internet connectivity on his machine, which is a machine tool unit whose system can't be upgraded. A later cautioned against this -- if it's a critical machine in manufacturing, you don't want to expose it to Internet viruses.

Dell Inspiron b130 has bad DVD Drive

Dell Inspiron b130 bad CD Drive take apart

Keeping young children safe on the internet -- Windows XP
--more from Boutell.com

Keeping young children safe on the internet -- Vista

Digitizing Records on a Mac