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URLs from 12/4/07

What to do with old computers?
1) Donating to worthy causes. Things to remember:
--not everyone can use what you discard. Check first.
--wipe all your personal data off the drive. We recommend reformatting (but see below).
--it will help to donate a machine with a working OS, so you may need to restore it.
--donate all disks with your computer.
2) Recycling
--The EPA has a site for recycling and donating (again, check first, as some info may be dated).
3) Specific local options
--Ohio Technology Access Project

Migrating from older versions of Access (part of Office) to newer ones

Backdoor-G-1 error message (possible Trojan)

iPods for NYPD Police Trainees

MP3 Players: Comparing iPod with the Zune

iPod & iPhone web sites

MacUpdate Promo

Smith Micro Virus Barrier Review

Filemaker 2007 Instant Web Publishing Guide

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URLs from 11/6/07

Microsoft Office 2007 pPgrade information and pricing

Corrupt Normal.dot file in MS Word causing strange pages

Finding Word templates:
--The location to the template files is c:\documents and settings\current user\application data\microsoft\templates.
--To see this path, you must enable hidden folders:
--Double click “My Computer”
--Click tools and then folder options
--Click the view tab
--Uncheck the box that says “Hide hidden files and folders”

Trojan horse for Macintosh

iTunes 7.5 released

Google Phone Software Info

How to change the default font settings in Outlook 2003 & 2007

Changing default fonts in Outlook Express

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Links from 10-30-2007

Office 2007 Beta File Converter for the Mac
--requires Mac OS X 10.4.8 and only supports Powerpoint and Word documents at this time

Blue Screen while installing Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5, new)

iTunes Crashing in Lepoard (Mac OS X 10.5, new)

Myeconlab.com not working on MacBook
--Based on their web site it looks like they must be using activx
--Possible solutions involving Boot Camp:

Microsoft Word formats: the new version of Word in Office saves documents in '.docx' format, which may not be readable by older versions of Office/Word in Macs.
--Beta Format Conversion from MicroSoft (for Mac; requires Mac OS X 10.4)
--use NeoOffice (for Mac)
--use OpenOffice (for Mac)

Minimize Button Not Working

Help cleaning up computer with Spyware
Ad-Aware Download
SpyBot Download

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URLS from 10/23/07

Short Films on Tunes - The Tribe

Kaspersky Virus Protection-Reviews

Kaspersky Virus Protection-Download

Facebook Run Time Error- Windows XP

WMUB Stream Not working in iTunes (Mac):
--Some people have reported success by sorting iTunes by song title
--We have now eliminated the opening message; clicking on "MP3" from the WMUB home page should jump straight to the stream. Or this:
--in iTunes, choose Advanced menu --> Open Stream
--Paste or type the following URL into the URL field and then click the "OK" button:
--This will also skip the two extra things that normally play before you get to the stream.

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URLs from 10/9/07

Apple Battery Update for 15 inch MacBook Pro

Uses for dead iPods


Problems with installing Windows 2000 SP4

New iPod commercials

Dayton Ohio Hackers Convention (Day-Con 2007)

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URLs from 10/2/07

iTunes for Windows 2000

Sharing/collaborating on word processing files when not everyone has the same software. We discussed several options:
--Open Office free software
--Google's on-line word processing tool
--NeoOffice (Mac only) reads and writes Word files
--Creating pdf files readable (not writeable) on almost any computer. Part of Mac OSX; a Windows solution is Cute PDF Writer
--Use collaborative on-line software: Wiki and WriteBoard.com
--Options for reading MS Word files
--Office Live software

iPhone Human Interface Guidelines

New Version of Gimp

User email Steve Jobs about iMac problems and gets action

Amazon Music store

Belarc Advisor (profiles your system)

Dictionary of Computer terms

Com Port busy message:

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

URLs from 9/18/07

iTunes 7.4.2

Getting a certificate error logging into Yahoo Mail via Firefox.

Video DVD won't work in iMac G5.
--Try booting from a system dvd to eliminate software as a problem
--Try logging in as a different user

Windows External drive clicking after accidental power down while deleting files.
Probably turned off while writing to the directory. Try some recovery software like:
--VirtualLab by BinaryBiz
--Maxtor utility

Wireless does not work after re-format.
The wireless connection is probably missing the proper drivers. See:

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

URLs from 8/28/07

Secret Life of Steve Jobs

New Lego Kit "Young Woz and Jobs Playset" August 29th release

Slow access to another computer on a wireless network:
--try a speed test
--try war driving software to troubleshoot wireless connections

Resetting Windows XP Password

Clean Install of Windows XP

Adding Second monitor to new iMac

Pro Tools (audio editing software) will not run on my New Intel iMac
--More DigiDesign.com

Dell Inspiron 5300e -- replaced mother board -- won't boot (gives 2 beeps)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

URLs from 8/21/07

Free or cheap antivirus programs recommended by listeners:

PC World Anti-Virus Reviews

Entourage (Outlook) messages not showing up even though alert comes through:
--Sometimes the messages get moved automatically into the local inbox, not the Exchange inbox.
Click here for more info.

Refurbished iPhones on Apple Store

Mac or PC Rap Video

How to uninstall Norton Antivirus
--method 1
--method 2

Google earth -- does is cause a problem with sleeping Mac OS?

Netgear - Wirelessly printing to Netgear connected printer

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

URLs from 8/14/07

Should you use off-brand or refilled printer cartridges?
--On our 8/14/07 show, the statement was made that this is OK. Listeners Lee from Clayton and Bob from Centerville strongly dissent from this advice. Bob points out that Consumer Reports disagrees ("Cheap Inks Don't Pay" is the title of a section in their July 07 issue). Lee, who has serviced printers for 10 years, says:
It might be folly to replace a printer because it costs less to buy the replacement cartridges. It depends on the printer. Often the printer comes with starter cartridges. I have a friend who thinks he is saving by buying new printers. He is a good enough friend that I've never pointed out that the cartridges that come with that particular printer has about 1/4 the ink as the replacements.

The cost of a cartridge tells you nothing about the cost of printing. You need to know the cost/yield ratio of the cartridge. This information is available on line. I know that the Office Depot web site has the yields of all the ink and toner cartridges it sells in the product specifications of the product. There are other sources. Be aware that these data are based on industry standards of coverage and density. They should be used for comparison purposes only. However, I've found them to be very accurate and maybe a bit conservative.

One popular printer takes a black cartridge that costs $35 and has a yield of 200 pages. A competitor offers a similar machine that has a $20 cartridge with a 700 page yield.
Non-OEM cartridges will not void the warranty of your printer. However, if the cartridge damages your printer, furniture or carpet (not uncommon) that must be covered by the vendor of the third party cartridge. Check your vendor for their warranty. Quality and customer service of non-OEM cartridges varies widely.

Stores that sell both OEM and non-OEM cartridges make 3 to 4 times as much profit margin on the third party cartridges over the original manufacturer. They will push the non-OEM cartridges.

Canon and Epson printers are particularly susceptible to failure from use of third party ink and cartridges. Their print heads (jets) are built into the printer rather than the cartridge and if the ink clogs the heads you are pretty much dead in the water.

I simply tell my inquirers to not use anything but Canon cartridges in Canon printers. They have a 2 picoliter ink droplet rather than the 7-9 picoliter droplet of the competition. 100% of the Canon printers I've seen with clogged heads have owners who admit to using third party inks.

And last, I advise my subscribers, "Save money by buying your coffee at McDonald's rather than Starbuck's, buy day old bread and drive a Prius rather than a Hummer, but don't try to go cheap on ink."

Can't write to system root winnt:

--Download a boot disk from boot disk, and then fix it attribute back to read & write. See Bootdisk.com
--Or try the recovery console

Boot hard drive died trying to use second drive as boot drive
--Check jumpers settings for your hard drive

Update for Apple Airport Base Station

Skype for iPhone

How to change the drive letter of your boot drive

HP printers disapearing after reboot

Windows laptop will not hibernate

Dayton Microcomputer Association

URLs from 8/14/07

Hibernate and Sleep issues in Windows XP (tech support articles from Microsoft):

How to troubleshoot hibernation and standby issues in Windows XP

Unable to Use Power Management Features

Drive Letter Assignments:
How to change drive letter assignments in Windows XP (Microsoft Support)

Can't write to Windows system folder- what to do
Try bootdisk.com to get to the command prompt and run attrib command

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

URLs from 8/7/07

Dimension 5100 BIOS downgrade instructions

How Linux keeps track of time

Apple sued over iPhone keyboard

Hacking the iPhone

How to recover deleted pictures from a camera flash card

Dell Laptop loose screen
--UCLA article

Reverting to an older BIOS for CarPuter

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

URLs from 7/31/07

Syntax for CheckDisk in Windows 98
--Click START and select RUN
Type in CMD and press ENTER
In the Command Line Window, type in chkdsk /f

Care and cleaning of CDs and DVDs.
Our correspondent Liz in beautiful Savannah, who listens via our podcast, mentions two PDF resources:
--Council of Library and Information Resources
--National Institute of Standards and Technology

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

URLs from 7/24/07

Booting Window XP using a "Clean" boot for Uninstalling programs

iPhone Exploit may allow attackers to take control


BluEye -- an iPod hack

Q: Can I do wireless printing using a Linksys router & Lexmark printer?
--You could buy a new access point/router (some have USB ports designed for printers)
--Or connect the printer to an existing computer that's always on (the cheapest solution)
--See Pcstats.com article
--Search for Wireless print server

Using restore point to take Windows XP back to an earlier state

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

URLs from 7/17/07

Vinyl record sales are up 13%
Internet Explorer in Windows opens in too small a size

Setting up a home wireless network with 2 Mac laptops, USB Hard drive, printer
--Tip # 1
--Tip #2

Slow internet speed with Windows 2000 broadband
--We suggested that extra memory might help. Here's a bandwidth speed test.

Word processing compatible with Microsoft Office (esp. Word)
--We suggested the free open-source Open Office

Kevin from Eaton has a Windows 98 machine that won't boot properly. Bryan suggested a review of CHKDSK (Check Disk) procedures.

--Here's Wayne's guide:

--First, a word of caution: some of this may possibly change or impair your system. If you're not comfortable with this, don't do it.

--Try starting in Safe Mode (tap F8 key repeatedly during Startup)

--You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the orginal setup CD-Rom.

Select R at the first screen to start repair.

--Boot from Windows XP Install CD-Rom
Press R for Recovery Console
Select the number for the OS (in my case 1. C:\WINDOWS)
This should result in a prompt C:\WINDOWS
At the C: prompt type:

chkdsk C: /p/r

Then reboot and see if it’s fixed.

--If that does not help then go through the steps above.
At the C: prompt type:

Fixboot C:

Then reboot and see if it’s fixed.

--If that does not help then go through the steps above.
At the C: prompt type:


A warning will display stating the mbr is not standard or corrupt (or words to that effect). At "Do you wish to continue?" type Y for yes.
The new mbr should then be successfully written to the hard disk.
Type "exit" (no quotes) at the prompt. The system will reboot and all SHOULD be well.

A word of warning care should be execised if you multiboot into different OS's as this may prevent the system accessing a custom boot loader, but for single operating systems it should be fine. It works 100% of the time for me.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

URLs from 6/26/07

Using ReadyBoost to speed up Windows Vista

Should I use AdAware (spyware removal tool) with Windows Vista? (John in Hamilton)
--No, the web site indicates it will not run, even though the current version is called AdAware 2007. Spybot will run under Vista, and Windows Defender is built into it.

I have multiple partitions on my primary hard drive. Do I have to reformat to make it one again or to make one partition bigger since I am running out of room on my XP partition? (Ron in Middletown)
--No, you do NOT need to reformat. Use Partition Magic, $30-$55 at Amazon.com. Here's more information.

I was given an Apple laptop. I have an old PC at home and want to transfer files. Am I at risk of a virus? (Julie in Darrtown)
--Basically, no. Here's more information. Years ago there were some macro viruses that infected the macros (automated tasks) in Microsoft Word and Excel. Since you indicated you won't use these, you can rest at ease.

I accidentally erased my C drive. My Windows XP upgrade disk will not let me install it again. (Joe in Clayton)
--The Installer is probably looking for the original boot disk. Since your computer came with Windows ME pre-installed, try to find any ME or even a 98 Install disk. Once the XP installer sees an original licensed copy, it should go ahead. Here's information on a clean install of Windows XP.

My daughter wants Vista for her MacBook (to be run under Boot Camp). Should I wait for an upgrade? (Tom in New Castle)
--No. No new versions of Vista are due out anytime soon. We recommend Home Premium, but since she will be entering college, have her check out deals through the school's book store.
--Mary from Oxford had a followup comment: Check with her college tech department. They may make you buy a specific Mac or PC. Prices are much cheaper for software on campuses for students, so do check first.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

URLS from 6/19/07

Spybot anti-spyware -- Latest version

AT&T Tech Support Phone Number

Hard drives jumper viewer

iPhone Longer Battery life Announced

Apple World Wide Developers Conference - iPhone developer kit

MacBook Pro Power Adapter Problems

MacBook Pro Battery Recall

Apple PowerBook Battery recall
--general information from Apple

Listener Linda commented that her HP Pavilion seemed to take up a lot of disk space for the HP Recovery utilities. Here's a comment from listener Steven in Dublin, IN:
You are correct that the Compaq/HP systems come with a partition for system recovery. This partition contains everything needed to restore the PC to effectively the state it was when it left the factory.

The reason I say effectively is that when I recovered a Compaq from this partition I noticed some minor changes to the system (e.g. reassignment of drive letters to SD and other memory drives, different shortcuts on the desktop, etc.) The BIOS has an option when booting to restore from this partition.

One suggestion I have for owners of these systems is to run the supplied utility to backup the recovery partition to CD-ROM. While this probably is a violation of the copyright, I used the supplied CD-ROM software to make a copy of these discs because the recovery backup utility sets a flag to prevent it being run a second time.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

URLs from 6/5/07

Windows XP won't shut down; appears to hang up when exiting Adobe Acrobat.
--Try this fix
--or Askmehelpdesk.com

Is it a mistake to install more than 4 GB of memory for XP
, as a caller claimed a friend told him?
--Not that we can determine. There is a 4-GB limit, sort of, but even that is not the whole story.
MGAs (Major Geek Alerts) here:
--There are some technical considerations that may have led the friend to this erroneous conclusion. Read about them here.
--More on this topic from the Microsoft Developer Network.

Apple's iPhone to debut June 29th

Microsoft's Tabletop Computer

Is the Mac really less vulnerable to attacks than Windows?

I have an iMac and need to connect an older Windows based laptop
--Get virus protecction and spyware protection for the PC
--Wireless card for laptop recommended
--You could use the iMac System Preferences for sharing, internet, airport
--But better than using your iMac would be buying a wireless router. It will also provide a hardware firewall.

Is a 'wireless card' the same as a 'wireless modem'?
No, in the sense that the card itself is not a direct connection to a phone. But neither is a cable modem. The debate rages on.
--Wikipedia 'wireless modem'
--Wikipedia. 'modem'

My desktop is covered with icons and I can't find a thing!
--To view them as a list on Windows XP:
--Navigate to "My Computer, C:, Documents & Settings, YOUR ACCOUNT NAME, Desktop"
--You can view this as a list.
--To view them as a list on a Macintosh with OS X:
--Open a Finder window, then click on the Desktop icon on the left side of the window.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

URLs from 5/29/07

Phishing alert: watch out for schemes to get your money. We've discussed these before, but they're still around. Numerous false emails exist with supposed links to banks, eBay, PayPal, etc. Clicking on the links take you to an authentic-looking site whose real purpose is to steal your confidential information. More info:
--from Firefox
--from the U. S. government

A Place Between: find a place to get coffee (default) between any two locations

Windows Update crashes/SVC Host

Apple One to One Training (Macintosh)

MacBook Pro Memory

Cheap Windows for PC (Windows XP)

Finding Gas Prices on your computer (double click the map to zoom in)

Task Manager Missing Tabs (Windows XP)

Programs showing up twice in my taskbar(Windows XP)
--Solution 1
--Solution 2

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

URLs from 5/15/07

iPod for little ones

Real estate web site designs

Godaddy web hosting


Recovering lost Word files

URLS from 5/15/07

Microsoft Office Live Free Business Website Hosting: To find out more, click this link.

Here is the Microsoft PR:

With Microsoft Office Live, you can create a professional online presence without the expense of buying a server, setting up a complicated infrastructure, and hiring technical staff to maintain it. Microsoft Office Live is a hosted service – all you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

Real estate web site designs:

Godaddy Web Hosting

Recover An Unsaved Document When Word Crashes

Recovering Lost Word Files

Ron from Vermilion loves My Function Keys which allows you to map keys to input specific text inputs. Click here for information.

iPod for little ones

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

URLs from 5/8/07

Getting old software to run in XP

Link to Virtual PC 2007 (FREE):
--This can enable legacy systems to run as a virtual machine on newer ones
--Another link

Apple's new 'Get a Mac' ad

Connecting a Macintosh to a Windows 2003 server
--Server settings
--Connecting SMB
--SMB defined

PCH.dll Process error on startup
--Look up on this web site to find about what this DLL does

Security Protection for Windows Vista Ultimate 64

Windows says wireless is not connected when it really is:
--Start -> Control Panel -> Network Connections -> Right click for properties on your connection -> Uncheck the 'Show icon in notification area when connected'

RoboForm Password Management

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

URLs from 4/17/07

Rebuilding an XP system without destroying existing data
--a Microsoft article on the same topic

Mouse Jiggler

Mac OS X Leopard Delayed until October

First apple Store in Alabama - Big Attendance of grand opening

Wireless PCMCIA card for Windows 95 computer
--The caller wanted to know about Internet connectivity on his machine, which is a machine tool unit whose system can't be upgraded. A later cautioned against this -- if it's a critical machine in manufacturing, you don't want to expose it to Internet viruses.

Dell Inspiron b130 has bad DVD Drive

Dell Inspiron b130 bad CD Drive take apart

Keeping young children safe on the internet -- Windows XP
--more from Boutell.com

Keeping young children safe on the internet -- Vista

Digitizing Records on a Mac

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

URLs from 3/6/07

XP machine reboots instead of shutting down
--One solution
--Another solution

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

URLs from 2/13/07

Biting woods for Apple come back to Haunt Dell

Changing Windows Sound Scheme to no sound for default

Opening an Apple Keyboard for cleaning
--Method 1
--Method 2

Mac Mini Video Problems with games (Warcraft,Civilization & Starcraft)
--Email Support Wowtech-AT-Blizzard.com or call 949-955-1382
--Warcraft patch. Note: we don't know what it does!

How to use sound in MS DOS

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

URLs from 2/6/07

Moving your iTunes library to an external drive -- instructions for Mac and PC

iTunes for Windows Hot Tips

Apple Inc. (formerly Apple Computer) vs. Apple Corp. (the Beatles) -- lawsuit settled

Computer donations -- see the Cincinnati Computer Coop

Digital Cameras -- Resolution; Optical & Interpolated

Stinger Removal of virus software for Windows

Macintosh Antivirus software
--Note that many Mac users do not feel the need to have antivrus software at this time. Others argue that it's better to be safe than sorry. We have both points of view on the Help Desk.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

URLs from 1/30/07

Today is the official release day for the Windows Vista operating system.
--See Bryan Powell's recommendations on how to see if you're ready to upgrade
--Listener Ken in Dayton writes:
"Microsoft has a an excellent free download program to test your computer for Vista upgrade capability. It checks for hardware as well as bios and software drivers issues. I ran it on my computer and it found my computer had problems with several drivers and bios as well as my graphics card. As a result, I do not plan to upgrade. It is called Vista Readiness Assessment Tool."

Will Vista be a good platform for PC gaming?

--Here's a report (based on Nvidia cards only)

De-fragmenting hard drives produces an MMC error
--One possible fix

Friday, January 26, 2007

Windows Vista comes out Tuesday- will your applications be ready?

While gorging on Vista related information this past week, I found this following Wiki which shows software that is incompatible with Windows Vista. Click here to see the list.

A lot of standard applications people use on a daily basis already work, such as Office 2003 and also Adobe Acrobat Reader. However, a lot of other apps do not work, for example AdAware Personal, Spybot, and PC Anywhere. Still others are not technically certified for Vista but will still work, such as iTunes and Firefox.

Check out the list and see where you stand if you are buying a new PC soon or if you are buying Vista on Tuesday (January 30, 2007).

Thursday, January 25, 2007

URLs from 1/23/07

Which Speed DVD/CD Media to use?
--It doesn't hurt to buy discs rated faster than your drive will support (such as 16x in a in 8x drive), but you won't get the speed, and you'll pay more.
--For critical applications, burning at a slower speed may cause fewer problems for listeners.

Weather channel software comes up when computer starts up
--Could be related to using drive letters besides C:

Using a Mac Monitor on a PC; original monitor died, got a Mac monitor but it does not work either
-- It could be monitor settings. Start in safe mode. This would not use the monitor settings.
See Pchell.com.
--If it works in safe mode then you need to adjust the monitor settings and try re-booting.
--If the plugs do not match, then you might be able to buy an adapter, but they can be quite pricey.

Windows 98 only starts in safe mode and mouse does not work
--Try going into the BIOS
--Make sure you are using a PS2 style mouse

PC Win2K IE 6 email links opens Outlook Express. How can I change it to Eudora?

I want a flat panel monitor for a Dell Desktop running Windows 98
--This should work but you may have to use the standard VGA driver

Can I use Parallels from an external Hard drive on my Intel Mac?

USA Today: Computers evolve with Vista in mind

Monday, January 22, 2007

URLs from 1/16/07

Flash Player problems: "could not find macromedia flash" error
--Uninstall and re-install Flash player
--If you are using a screensaver, read this article

CD-ROM not working sometimes

How to get the WMUB Podcasts

Macintosh Real Player Free version

Opinions on Windows OneCare

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

URLs from 1/9/07

Note to users: we had two live versions of the Help Desk on 1/9, at 9 am ET and 7 pm ET. For the evening show, Guy Moore and Wayne Stone were on live from MacWorld in San Francisco. Due to technical difficulties we're not able to cover as many topics this week as usual. But keep listening!

Multiple monitors on Windows XP

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

URLs from 1/2/07

Happy New Year from the Help Desk!

Lexmark printer won't print after system install
--Locate and install a new driver from Lexmark