Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Live streaming returns to the Help Desk

On Tuesday 4/28/09 we launched an experimental live stream of that day's Help Desk on UStream.tv. This was an audio-0nly stream that we got working just prior to the broadcast. We sent out a notification via Twitter and picked up a couple of listeners.

Once we figured out a couple of problems, we were pleased with the results and plan to do it again on the show for 5/5/09. Here's how to locate the show on that day:
  • Go to http://www.ustream.tv (you do not have to log in)
  • Click the "All Live" button in the upper left
  • Search for 'mub help desk' (no quotes; note, 'mub' not 'wmub')
  • You should see the Help Desk icon; click on it
It's not clear if we'll be able to archive any of these broadcasts since they're not video, but of course the podcast is always available. Stay tuned for an update on archiving. We will plan to put a notice on Twitter just before the show starts so if you're following us you'll get that. Our Twitter address is:
  • http://twitter.com/wmubhelpdesk
Note that this does have 'wmub' in the name, unlike UStream.tv

Thanks for listening!

--the Help Desk Crew (Cleve, John, Guy and Wayne)


RichC said...

I actually used the search term WMUB and the correct ustream.tv feed came up -- Hmm? The quality was excellent and from what I've noticed from other heavily used live streams it should scale well no matter how many listeners or viewers might find you.

Be sure to send a Tweet a few minutes in advance when you go live again next week so I don't miss the latest news.

forkboy said...

Yeah, sound quality is better than I would have anticipated. Glad we can listen live, not that the podcast version isn't quite reasonable, but live seems so much nicer!