Tuesday, April 28, 2009

URLs from 4/28/09


Live streaming returns to the Help Desk today!

FaceBooking while out sick gets employee fired


Pirate Bay operators face sentencing

iPod Touch for Military?

Listener questions:

Archival Media

Making .zip files on a Macintosh

DVD as an archiving medium?

Live streaming returns to the Help Desk

On Tuesday 4/28/09 we launched an experimental live stream of that day's Help Desk on UStream.tv. This was an audio-0nly stream that we got working just prior to the broadcast. We sent out a notification via Twitter and picked up a couple of listeners.

Once we figured out a couple of problems, we were pleased with the results and plan to do it again on the show for 5/5/09. Here's how to locate the show on that day:
  • Go to http://www.ustream.tv (you do not have to log in)
  • Click the "All Live" button in the upper left
  • Search for 'mub help desk' (no quotes; note, 'mub' not 'wmub')
  • You should see the Help Desk icon; click on it
It's not clear if we'll be able to archive any of these broadcasts since they're not video, but of course the podcast is always available. Stay tuned for an update on archiving. We will plan to put a notice on Twitter just before the show starts so if you're following us you'll get that. Our Twitter address is:
  • http://twitter.com/wmubhelpdesk
Note that this does have 'wmub' in the name, unlike UStream.tv

Thanks for listening!

--the Help Desk Crew (Cleve, John, Guy and Wayne)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Poll results 4/27/09

This poll asked "Which OS do you use most often?"
  • Windows 7 beta (2, 4%)
  • Windows Vista (5, 10%)
  • Windows XP (20, 41%)
  • Other Windows (1, 2%)
  • Mac OSX 10.5x (13, 27%)
  • Mac OSX 10.1-10.4x (7, 14%)
  • Other Mac OS (0, 0%)
We don't deal with Linux on the show, but we got one vote for it, plus mentions of DOS and Ubuntu.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Other choices for the OS poll?

We've received some feedback from Help Desk users who wonder why we didn't have more choices on the 4/20/09 poll "Which OS do you use most often?" Specifically, why didn't we have "Linux" or "Other"?

Frankly, not having Linux was partially an oversight. But as a practical matter, our gurus Wayne and Guy work for Miami University, which does not support Linux, so they haven't spent much time with it and would have to beg off answering most questions. However, it would be helpful to have an idea of how many in our audience do use it.

So we suggest that if you are a Linux (or Other) user, please leave a Comment with this message and give us the information.


--the Help Desk crew

'Thanks for the WMUB Blog & Podcasts'

I was a frequent listener to the Helpdesk and hated to see it go. I had received e-mails about the podcasts, but only just recently got around to listening and working with them. Having finally tuned in, I'm very excited about what you are doing. Frankly, I'm finding them more useful than the original broadcast. The latter was easier, but not as convenient and I frequently missed them. Now I can tune them in at any time. My thanks to you and the others involved in your efforts to extend this service. They are very much appreciated.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

URLs from 4/21/09

The podcast of today's show is now available.

Conficker Worm still infecting PCs
--700 computers at University of Utah were infected:

Swimmers' heart rate monitor:

Laptop won't retain date and time settings:
--The problem is most likely the CMOS battery (not the main power battery). It's probably dead. To find one, go to the manufacturer's web site and get a schematic or parts list. Such batteries are cheap, and available online, or perhaps even at a local electronics store.

Dual monitors on your laptop
--Matrox External video adapter for notebooks:
--PCMICIA Video card:

Apple water sensor not so reliable can void warranty

Apple iPhone App store a hit

Apple leads in customer satisfaction

from Wayne Stone -- interested in computer training?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Poll results 4/20/09

This poll asked "Overall, which best describes the answers on the Help Desk podcast?"
  • Too technical (0, 0%)
  • About right (6, 100%)
  • Too simplistic (0, 0%)
  • Other (0, 0%)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

URLs from 4/14/09

Thanks to Don Moeller for sitting in for Don Guy Moore on today's podcast.

Backup your data! Don recommends the following Internet-based approaches:
--Evernote (http://www.evernote.com)
--Windows Mesh (https://www.mesh.com/Welcome/default.aspx)
--DropBox (http://www.getdropbox.com)

Internet-based fax services (this started as a thread in a recent Yahoo group spotted by Cleve). Some are free, some have monthly charges:
--Start at http://www.faxcompare.com/
--LinkedIn members recommended:
--Kinko's was recommended; now called FedEx Office, it's not clear if they still offer the service
--One responder, a sole proprietor, was so turned off by unwanted faxes that she no longer receives incoming faxes.
--One idea was to stop faxing and start scanning documents which then can be sent as PDFs (fax being a dying technology). But it is definitely more of a hassle for senders and receivers, and many people will not open attachments even from trusted sources.

How to set defaults in Word 07:

Wireless security: is a home network really safe from those who might try to read data, or piggy-back on a wireless access point?
--Yes, say Wayne and Don. New routers have very robust security and encryption settings.
--Don says a surprising number of users don't take even minimal precautions, but if you do, you'll be fine.
--Make sure you understand the router's instructions on password-protecting and encrypting your wireless.
--WPA is a more secure protocol than WEP.

Are solid-state (flash) drives a good idea?
--Maybe, say Wayne and Don. They faster and lighter (good for laptops) and prices do seem to be dropping. There's some concern about whether they will give out after a number of write-cycles.
--Samsung defends flash reliability in solid-state drives:

Badwarebusters: this is a site, co-created by Consumer Reports, designed to help spread awareness of, and fight, malicious software:

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Twitter worm

This article from PCWorld magazine outlines a recent problem with a Twitter worm, and how to fight it.

Poll results: podcast problems?

Thanks for replying to "Are you using the Help Desk podcast?"

--Listen with no problems: 16 (84%)
--Would like to, but have problems: 2 (10%)
--Not interested: 1 (5%)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

URLs from 4/7/09

The Help Desk Podcast of 4/7/09 is now available:

Windows 7 will allow downgrade to other OSs


iPhone 3.0 set for summer release?

Steve Jobs Plush Doll! (warning: not for the squeamish!)

Will USB Printer adapters work with Mac OS X?
Diconix 150 Macintosh Printer driver --http://driverscollection.com/?H=DICONIX%20150%20Plus&By=Kodak

Adding Signatures in Outlook
Adding Signatures in Entourage

From our correspondents:

Cheap ultra-fast broadband -- in Japan:

Britain tussles with Google Street View:

Twitter notification of new blog posts:
--"If it were me, I'd set [the wmubhelpdesk Twitter] up to 'tweet' when you post to your blog. I currently do this for [my personal blog], but should have included it for my personal Twitter account. There is a concern that having on only to update your blog post is sort of spamming, but then everyone has a different opinion as to what to use Twitter to do. (I'm wondering when the burn-out will start to kick in?) BTW, to do this automatically can use a service like http://twitterfeed.com/."
--We're looking into this. Right now there aren't enough Twitter followers to make this useful. -- Ed.

Friday, April 03, 2009

We're on Twitter

The Help Desk now has a Twitter account: wmubhelpdesk

We don't expect to use it a lot. Maybe YOU could help us figure out what to do with it!