Tuesday, January 30, 2007

URLs from 1/30/07

Today is the official release day for the Windows Vista operating system.
--See Bryan Powell's recommendations on how to see if you're ready to upgrade
--Listener Ken in Dayton writes:
"Microsoft has a an excellent free download program to test your computer for Vista upgrade capability. It checks for hardware as well as bios and software drivers issues. I ran it on my computer and it found my computer had problems with several drivers and bios as well as my graphics card. As a result, I do not plan to upgrade. It is called Vista Readiness Assessment Tool."

Will Vista be a good platform for PC gaming?

--Here's a report (based on Nvidia cards only)

De-fragmenting hard drives produces an MMC error
--One possible fix

Friday, January 26, 2007

Windows Vista comes out Tuesday- will your applications be ready?

While gorging on Vista related information this past week, I found this following Wiki which shows software that is incompatible with Windows Vista. Click here to see the list.

A lot of standard applications people use on a daily basis already work, such as Office 2003 and also Adobe Acrobat Reader. However, a lot of other apps do not work, for example AdAware Personal, Spybot, and PC Anywhere. Still others are not technically certified for Vista but will still work, such as iTunes and Firefox.

Check out the list and see where you stand if you are buying a new PC soon or if you are buying Vista on Tuesday (January 30, 2007).

Thursday, January 25, 2007

URLs from 1/23/07

Which Speed DVD/CD Media to use?
--It doesn't hurt to buy discs rated faster than your drive will support (such as 16x in a in 8x drive), but you won't get the speed, and you'll pay more.
--For critical applications, burning at a slower speed may cause fewer problems for listeners.

Weather channel software comes up when computer starts up
--Could be related to using drive letters besides C:

Using a Mac Monitor on a PC; original monitor died, got a Mac monitor but it does not work either
-- It could be monitor settings. Start in safe mode. This would not use the monitor settings.
See Pchell.com.
--If it works in safe mode then you need to adjust the monitor settings and try re-booting.
--If the plugs do not match, then you might be able to buy an adapter, but they can be quite pricey.

Windows 98 only starts in safe mode and mouse does not work
--Try going into the BIOS
--Make sure you are using a PS2 style mouse

PC Win2K IE 6 email links opens Outlook Express. How can I change it to Eudora?

I want a flat panel monitor for a Dell Desktop running Windows 98
--This should work but you may have to use the standard VGA driver

Can I use Parallels from an external Hard drive on my Intel Mac?

USA Today: Computers evolve with Vista in mind

Monday, January 22, 2007

URLs from 1/16/07

Flash Player problems: "could not find macromedia flash" error
--Uninstall and re-install Flash player
--If you are using a screensaver, read this article

CD-ROM not working sometimes

How to get the WMUB Podcasts

Macintosh Real Player Free version

Opinions on Windows OneCare

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

URLs from 1/9/07

Note to users: we had two live versions of the Help Desk on 1/9, at 9 am ET and 7 pm ET. For the evening show, Guy Moore and Wayne Stone were on live from MacWorld in San Francisco. Due to technical difficulties we're not able to cover as many topics this week as usual. But keep listening!

Multiple monitors on Windows XP

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

URLs from 1/2/07

Happy New Year from the Help Desk!

Lexmark printer won't print after system install
--Locate and install a new driver from Lexmark