Monday, March 16, 2009

Podcast Questions and Answers (3/16/09)

Our new podcast-only format has generated a lot of questions. Here are the most common, and our best answers:

I've never listened to a podcast. How do I get started?
--There are several ways. One place to start would be pasting the podcast URL into your web browser:

--You should see a screen that displays the individual elements. Shows before 2/28/09 have 4 segments each; beginning with 3/10/09, 1 segment each. Different browsers display differently, but you may have the following options:
  • Simply play an episode by clicking it.
    You'll need to revisit the URL each week, though.
  • Add the podcast to a podcast reader.
    You might have choices such as Apple's free iTunes, and might be prompted to select other readers in your system. Once logged in, the podcast should update each week.
  • Manually subscribe via iTunes.
    Go to Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast and paste in the URL above.
  • Subscribe via an RSS feed.
    This lets you set a bookmark in your browser, which automatically updates.
My browser displays gibberish at the podcast URL.
--This is usually the sign of an older browser. Modern versions if Firefox and Safari for both the Mac and PC, and IE for the PC don't seem to have any problems.

How can I get the podcast into my iPod?
--See instructions above for gettting the podcast into iTunes. When you set up your syncing preferences, make sure that podcasts sync.

My reader will not completely download the podcast.
--A couple of people have reported problems, one with iTunes and one with Juice. We don't really have a good answer yet. It's possible there is a firewall issue with your ISP and the Miami University server which houses the podcasts.

Are you streaming live on the web?
--No, the podcast is strictly a volunteer labor of love among the creators, and we don't have the funds to purchase streaming bandwidth. When Miami operated WMUB, that was part of the service.

What happened to "Duke of Earl" and the other music?
--The simple answer is that we no longer have the rights to use commercially-recorded music. When we were broadcasting live on WMUB, music copyrights were paid which allowed streaming and podcasting of programs that originated on the air. Since we are no longer on the air, those rights don't apply. The question of internet rights is very complex right now, with negotiations between broadcasters, podcasters, representatives of songwriters and of artists each staking out different positions.

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Anonymous said...

How can I email a question to the Help Desk. I am so frustrated that the University abdicated their responsibility to us listeners. I need help in changing administrators on an office computer where the previous user left w/o a hint of passwords or anything!