Tuesday, June 27, 2006

URLs from 6/27/06

Windows 16 bit subsystem error: Microsoft Knowledge Base Article

Java download: Click Here

French iTunes update

Adding markers to MP3- Search for "adding markers tp MP3" on Google or Go to go to www.versiontracker.com and search for "mp3 editor"

PageOverCommit error with Windows 3.1- This error only occurs when you have over 256 Meg of RAM. It is related to virtual memory and swap file space. Below are some sites that talk about the problem:

MPC laptop screen backlight intermittent- Check your warranty as it's probably a loose cable- MPC Support

New variant of beagle virus

USB flash drive not being read on Mac with 10.2.8
--Try reformatting the flash drive on a windows computer
--Newer versions of the OS solved some compatibilities

Windows XP performance on a Macintosh using Parallels Workstation

Try Office 2007 on the web, without installing it on your machine

Microsoft has made available a web based "test drive" of Office 2007. It is radically different in terms of interface, so if you use it you may want to check it out this way- no fuss, no muss, no installation of beta software!

You can check it out here.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

URLs from 6/20/06

How much performance gain is there having matching memory modules on a MacBook Pro?
--Look below the charts about 3/4 down the page.

Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close

Ebay Acquires Skype (last fall)

Moqvo is a provider of RSS based social media technology.

Stumble Upon: Helps you find web sites

iMac power LED colors

Keeping favorites from AOL

Monday, June 19, 2006

XP's No-Reformat, Nondestructive, Total-Rebuild Option

This is a great article from Techweb that describes how to rebuild, repair, or refresh an existing XP installation without destroying anything. Oddly, Microsoft has kept this somewhat under wraps. It is a wonderful complement to our earlier post about fixing XP in eight easy steps.

The article can be found at this link. I recommmend printing this out and keeping it for future use (use the "Print This Story" option at the bottom).

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

URLs from 6/13/06

Safari Debug make Mac Safari act like Windows Internet Explorer

Limewire - Is it safe? Is it legal?
--Other possible sites:
--Pandora - Neat music web site

Windows Vista System Requirements

We discussed this on the show to day and I was too low on the processor requirements. I mentioned the bare minimum requirements. Here are the main specs you need to it to run Windows Vista capably:

  • 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor.

  • 1 GB of system memory.

  • A graphics processor that runs Windows Aero (direct X 9 capable)

  • 128 MB of graphics memory.

  • 40 GB of hard drive capacity with 15 GB free space.

  • DVD-ROM Drive.

  • Audio output capability.

  • Internet access capability.

Here are the bare minimum requirements:

  • A modern processor (at least 800MHz).

  • 512 MB of system memory.

  • A graphics processor that is DirectX 9 capable.

There is more information at this link.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Windows Vista Beta now open to the public

Microsoft has made the beta version of Windows Vista available to the general public. You can find information by clicking here for the 32-bit version. If you want the 64 bit version, click here.

Please make sure you back up your data before installing! It's a BETA for a reason!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

URLs from 6/6/06

Parallels Desktop for Macs - allows you to run Windows on your intel based Mac
--UPDATE: the final price is $79.99, but $39.99 if you pre order.

Apple II introduced June 5, 2006

Bandwidth speed test

People stuck in glass elevator in the new New York Apple store

Turning off Java Script in Windows Internet Explorer:
From the menu, choose: Tools -> Options -> Advanced then uncheck the debugging option

Repairing windows XP with 8 commands

Macromedia Breeze: on behalf of a listener, we'd like to hear from anyone with experience working with this software in a University setting.

QT: an alternative to Apple's Quicktime for Windows

Apple offering free iPod Nano to students with the purchase of a new Mac

If you purchase a new Mac and a 2 gig iPod Nano, you can get a $179.00 rebate (the cost of a 2 gig Nano from the Apple Education Store). Other iPods are eligible too, but the maximum value of the rebate is $179.00 According to the rebate form, faculty members and staff are eligible too!

More information can be found here.