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What to do with old computers?
1) Donating to worthy causes. Things to remember:
--not everyone can use what you discard. Check first.
--wipe all your personal data off the drive. We recommend reformatting (but see below).
--it will help to donate a machine with a working OS, so you may need to restore it.
--donate all disks with your computer.
2) Recycling
--The EPA has a site for recycling and donating (again, check first, as some info may be dated).
3) Specific local options
--Ohio Technology Access Project

Migrating from older versions of Access (part of Office) to newer ones

Backdoor-G-1 error message (possible Trojan)

iPods for NYPD Police Trainees

MP3 Players: Comparing iPod with the Zune

iPod & iPhone web sites

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Smith Micro Virus Barrier Review

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