Tuesday, June 26, 2007

URLs from 6/26/07

Using ReadyBoost to speed up Windows Vista

Should I use AdAware (spyware removal tool) with Windows Vista? (John in Hamilton)
--No, the web site indicates it will not run, even though the current version is called AdAware 2007. Spybot will run under Vista, and Windows Defender is built into it.

I have multiple partitions on my primary hard drive. Do I have to reformat to make it one again or to make one partition bigger since I am running out of room on my XP partition? (Ron in Middletown)
--No, you do NOT need to reformat. Use Partition Magic, $30-$55 at Amazon.com. Here's more information.

I was given an Apple laptop. I have an old PC at home and want to transfer files. Am I at risk of a virus? (Julie in Darrtown)
--Basically, no. Here's more information. Years ago there were some macro viruses that infected the macros (automated tasks) in Microsoft Word and Excel. Since you indicated you won't use these, you can rest at ease.

I accidentally erased my C drive. My Windows XP upgrade disk will not let me install it again. (Joe in Clayton)
--The Installer is probably looking for the original boot disk. Since your computer came with Windows ME pre-installed, try to find any ME or even a 98 Install disk. Once the XP installer sees an original licensed copy, it should go ahead. Here's information on a clean install of Windows XP.

My daughter wants Vista for her MacBook (to be run under Boot Camp). Should I wait for an upgrade? (Tom in New Castle)
--No. No new versions of Vista are due out anytime soon. We recommend Home Premium, but since she will be entering college, have her check out deals through the school's book store.
--Mary from Oxford had a followup comment: Check with her college tech department. They may make you buy a specific Mac or PC. Prices are much cheaper for software on campuses for students, so do check first.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

URLS from 6/19/07

Spybot anti-spyware -- Latest version

AT&T Tech Support Phone Number

Hard drives jumper viewer

iPhone Longer Battery life Announced

Apple World Wide Developers Conference - iPhone developer kit

MacBook Pro Power Adapter Problems

MacBook Pro Battery Recall

Apple PowerBook Battery recall
--general information from Apple

Listener Linda commented that her HP Pavilion seemed to take up a lot of disk space for the HP Recovery utilities. Here's a comment from listener Steven in Dublin, IN:
You are correct that the Compaq/HP systems come with a partition for system recovery. This partition contains everything needed to restore the PC to effectively the state it was when it left the factory.

The reason I say effectively is that when I recovered a Compaq from this partition I noticed some minor changes to the system (e.g. reassignment of drive letters to SD and other memory drives, different shortcuts on the desktop, etc.) The BIOS has an option when booting to restore from this partition.

One suggestion I have for owners of these systems is to run the supplied utility to backup the recovery partition to CD-ROM. While this probably is a violation of the copyright, I used the supplied CD-ROM software to make a copy of these discs because the recovery backup utility sets a flag to prevent it being run a second time.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

URLs from 6/5/07

Windows XP won't shut down; appears to hang up when exiting Adobe Acrobat.
--Try this fix
--or Askmehelpdesk.com

Is it a mistake to install more than 4 GB of memory for XP
, as a caller claimed a friend told him?
--Not that we can determine. There is a 4-GB limit, sort of, but even that is not the whole story.
MGAs (Major Geek Alerts) here:
--There are some technical considerations that may have led the friend to this erroneous conclusion. Read about them here.
--More on this topic from the Microsoft Developer Network.

Apple's iPhone to debut June 29th

Microsoft's Tabletop Computer

Is the Mac really less vulnerable to attacks than Windows?

I have an iMac and need to connect an older Windows based laptop
--Get virus protecction and spyware protection for the PC
--Wireless card for laptop recommended
--You could use the iMac System Preferences for sharing, internet, airport
--But better than using your iMac would be buying a wireless router. It will also provide a hardware firewall.

Is a 'wireless card' the same as a 'wireless modem'?
No, in the sense that the card itself is not a direct connection to a phone. But neither is a cable modem. The debate rages on.
--Wikipedia 'wireless modem'
--Wikipedia. 'modem'

My desktop is covered with icons and I can't find a thing!
--To view them as a list on Windows XP:
--Navigate to "My Computer, C:, Documents & Settings, YOUR ACCOUNT NAME, Desktop"
--You can view this as a list.
--To view them as a list on a Macintosh with OS X:
--Open a Finder window, then click on the Desktop icon on the left side of the window.