Tuesday, September 26, 2006

URLs from 9/26/06

New Microsoft IE vulnerability could get early patch

Windows 98 won't Shut Down properly

--From PC World
--From Microsoft.com
--More from Microsoft.com

Apple Airport Security Update

A British take on Silicon Valley: In Search of the Valley

Clean Clogged Canon inkjet
--We don't know if this method works and so cannot endorse it. An emailer today also suggested soaking the print cartridge head overnight in a solution of half-ammonia, half water. The easiest and probably safest solution is just to buy a new print cartridge.

Use Audacity software to digitize Lps (or cassettes).
--Don't forget you need a pre-amp to boost turntable signals.
--See also our blog item from 8/29/06.
--For Mac users, a caller also reports that GarageBand can do the job.

Clamav account in Mac OS X
--This is generated as part of an anti-virus software for the Mac called Clam AntiVirus (which we have not reviewed). We presume someone installed it on purpose on your machine. If you want to remove it, check their web site.

Great list of Windows "Run" Commands

Windows users, don't forget about the Run option in the start menu. You can also pull up the "run" command box by pressing the Windows Key + "R." From here you can initiate a lot of useful coommands. For a complete list, click here.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

URLs from 9/12/06

How secure is eBay bidder information?
--We talked with a caller who was contacted by a seller after he had changed his eBay email and password. We concluded that his eBay profile probably did not suppress his email address, and it should be updated. Anyone with concerns about security and phishing (phony offers, usually emails, that try to capture sensitive financial information) should look at antiphishing.org

Recovering files from damaged hard drives:
Recovery only Programs:
--FileSalvage (Mac)
--Data Rescue (Mac)
--Virtual labs (Mac & PC) -- a recovery program, pay as you go
--Data Rescue (PC)

Hard drive Recovery Utilities

Beginners Guide to hard disk recovery

Hard disk data recovery myths

Getting the Volume control back in the task bar

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

URLs from 9/5/06

What End Users Hate About IT Professionals

Epson software for Intel Macs

Slow wireless, but wired connection is fine
--Use war driving software to see if there's a channel conflict from another wireless node in your neighborhood

Sources for used Mac Laptops

AirLink 101/Macintosh wireless problems:
--First turn off security, and test ethernet connection directly to make sure it is working. When trying wireless check Network in System preferences to see if you are getting a valid IP address. More . . .

Spam Filtering programs for the Macintosh

Epson all in one intel Mac Support
--Check for updated drivers