Monday, June 29, 2009

Milestone show on 6/30/09

June 29, 2009

Dear Help Desk listeners,

The podcast/ of Help Desk for June 30th, 2009 will be a milestone of sorts. It will be the last one recorded at WMUB in Oxford. I’d like to ask you to help commemorate the event.

At this point we don’t know when the podcast will continue on a weekly basis. Part of it is geography — Guy, Wayne, John and I all live in different communities and we won’t all be in Oxford anymore — and part of it is our continuing search, not just for a recording home, but possibly for a broadcast home. There’s also the fact that John and I will be looking for jobs, and one or both of us may be moving out of the area soon.

To find out more about WMUB, visit Cleve Callison's blog and click on the WMUB link in the right hand column.

For all these reasons, it seems the best course is to take a hiatus from new productions of the Help Desk at this time. We’re very grateful to you for listening to the radio show, and now the podcast.

Let’s make this one memorable. We have been limiting the podcasts to 30 minutes, but if we get more calls on 6/30 we may go longer. We encourage you to plan to join us for your thoughts about the show even if you don’t have a specific question.

The catch is that we have to call you. Please send us a phone number where you can be reached around 9 am ET on Tuesday June 30th, and we may very well call you.

Email questions to:


Thank you for your support of the Help Desk!

--Cleve Callison
--John Hingsbergen
--Guy Moore
--Wayne Stone

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